Ah, Mieville. He's fun to draw.

Jeffrey Rowland has outed me!* That goddamned fascist. Also, everything in that strip is drawn to scale. I am a huge man.

So apparently Marten and Faye's dialogue in panel 1 of comic #537 was nearly identical to some dialogue from a Too Much Coffee Man comic strip from about 10 years ago. The funny thing is, I've never read any Too Much Coffee Man, so this was an extremely odd coincidence. Thanks to Shannon Wheeler (author of TMCM) for letting me know. Anyway, to keep from inadvertantly plagiarizing Shannon I reworked the dialogue in that panel a bit. I think it's funnier now, actually!

I can't stop listening to the new Modeselektor record Hi Mom!. Weird German techno plus even weirder glitched-out European hip-hop? More please!

That's it for tonight. See you tomorrow!

*: I do not, in fact, "yiff sexy skunk-foxes till the break of dawn." In reality, I much prefer wolf-centaurs and were-mermaids.�

�: Actually I'm not a furry. You can stop worrying about just what kind of "conventions" I've been going to now, mom.

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