If all goes according to plan, today's strip will be the last one ever drawn on a PC. I finally got this set up over the weekend, and I have literally never been this happy to sit in front of a computer before. I'm still very much an OS X noob, but I love it more and more every day.

All I'm waiting for now is my new Wacom tablet (should be here Tuesday- the old one isn't compatible with OS X) and a copy of Photoshop for the Mac (hopefully in my hands by the end of the day tomorrow). If everything goes right, from Wednesday on you will see a little "Made on a Mac" button on the site. I'm really excited.

That reminds me, I've really got to make some decent link banners and buttons for QC one of these days.

So a few days ago, Movie Comics ended. I can't say I'm sad to see it go- not only was it a blatant Penny Arcade ripoff and drawn in Flash (which would feel like cheating, were I to draw that way), but it just never really struck me as unique or funny.

QC is by no means completely original or unique (I know very well where all of my influences lie), but I like to think that it's got its own sense of style, that it doesn't scream "Hey! I really like Comic X and am blatantly aping it because I can't think of anything better to do!" The thing is, when you spend this much time working on something you lose all sense of perspective. I don't think I'm completely ripping off anyone else's work, but then I simply might not see it. I worry about this a lot, but really the only thing I can do is keep at it and hope that I'm original and entertaining enough to keep you all coming back for more.

What gives me hope is that there ARE lots of really original webcomics out there. People like Achewood and Instant Classic and BOASAS are unique, funny, and always entertaining. While I can't count myself among such a talented selection of artists, I definitely aspire to their level of quality.

Man, enough of this introspective bullshit. I just like drawing funny pictures, that is the bottom line right there. I hope you like them. See you Wednesday.

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