Ah, the joy of working with good hardware.

Today's strip is the first to be created entirely on my new G5 and with my new (shiny, silver) Wacom tablet. I can't say enough good things about working on an Apple computer. While I'm still learning some of the Apple-specific hotkeys, and I need to redo my automated Photoshop actions (and flesh out my color palettes a little more), it just feels right. The widescreen monitor certainly helps, too. It's nice to be able to view more of the images at once as I work on them.

Tonight's strip is going up late (for me, anyway) mainly because I had to reinstall and reconfigure a lot of the stuff I use to make this comic. I needed the fonts, the brush settings, etc. etc. set up the way I'm used to, which obviously takes some time. It's funny how set into a routine you can become if you just keep at it for long enough. Anyway, I'm happy with how things are going with this new computer so all is well.

You'll notice I finally took down that damned broken TWC link and replaced it with a little "Made on a Mac" button. I've decided that for now I'm just going to concentrate on Buzzcomix, as there's no telling whether the "new" TWC is going to be any more reliable (or nearly as popular) as the original one.

January is RStevens' birthday- people should email him and wish him a happy one. He is an OLD MAN so there is no telling how many more birthdays he will have!

That is all for tonight, have a safe and happy New Year's and I will see you on Friday.

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