Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun evening. I spent most of it drinking champagne, watching Adult Swim with my sweetie, and talking to people online. I am a nerd.

My new year's resolution is to keep doing what I am doing. Hopefully good things will result from this plan. No to negativity, yes to lasers.

I am a huge fan of those In/Out lists that lots of people make every new year. Here is mine!

messy haircuts
leather jackets
sprite comics
Flash intros

short hair
pullover hoodies
Illustrator comics
flash photography
Bob Dean or Wes Clark, either one

As you may have noticed, I have tidied up QC's navigation a little bit. I put up a new link banner for QC in the "link" section, so if you would like to tell other people about my comic, you should use that (also your voice, for talking). I also updated the "about" section with lots of new stuff including updated cast info.

Today's strip was really hard to draw for some reason. I'm still only happy with panels 1 and 3, but sometimes you just have to finish it and move on and hope to improve from the experience. I am rather proud of "smarmosaur".

That is all for now, enjoy your first weekend of 2004 and I will see you on Monday.

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