Questionable Content is dedicated to educating the world about our wily, bladed cousins to the North. Australians, on the other hand, have venomous spurs on their ankles which they use to immobilize their prey (drop bears). But you probably already knew that. Wil Wheaton is mostly defenseless, but will charm you with amusing anecdotes about life on the Star Trek: TNG set until you no longer feel like attacking him. Why were you attacking Wil Wheaton in the first place anyway? Are you a polar bear?

It is my birthday this coming Saturday (the 17th)! I will be exactly 26 years old. I plan to spend my level-up points on +3 Strength, +4 Endurance, and the Wacom Slash of Death special ability. I hear it's good against polar bears.

...Man, the comics/newsposts have been weird this week, haven't they? I think those Canadians at MoCCA slipped something into my food.

See you tomorrow!

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