Man, why is it every time it takes me until like 9:30 to write a script, and I think to myself "oh shit, I'm not gonna have a comic done by midnight" I always manage to get it done on time? I'm not complaining, I just wish I could work this efficiently when I WASN'T totally under the gun. Anyway, a week of weird secondary characters would hardly be complete without an appearance from Jimbo.

The irony of tonight's comic is that in real life Tolkien hated automobiles and used a bicycle as much as he feasibly could. But-but maybe his bike would've had a bitchin' orc decal on the frame? (note to self: find orc decal for bike, that would be pretty badass)

Did you catch the Pintsize cameo in Wednesday's Bunny? Lem and I will be rocking out together at Otakon in August, you should come say hi to us.

Hey! Do you want a t-shirt from the QC store? Now would be an excellent time to buy one! We have crafted a new system of entering in orders that will ensure no more PayPal issues starting from the middle of May on. We are also catching up on dropped orders from the last couple months literally as fast as we can and we appreciate the heck out of your patience. Also, everybody say hi to QC's first official employee! Her name is Felicia and she is six kinds of rad and roughly twenty-two kinds of helpful around the office.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone who has emailed me! Enjoy the comic and I will see you on Monday with some fresh freshness.

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