Everything finally came together in today's strip. I'm happier with the art than I have been in a long time. I hope you like it too. If you don't, tough. I am sticking with this. Heheh.

You know what is really awesome? When someone who draws a webcomic that you really like emails you to tell you he's a fan of your stuff as well. Brian Carroll of Instant Classic did just that, and I've been meaning to link back to his site as a thank-you ever since.

Instant Classic is really great, low-key humor that just insidiously grows on you until you don't want to stop reading them. Brian's been remarkably successful in the relatively short time he's been working on the strip, proving that real talent does occasionally get rewarded in this world. Anyway, go check it out, I think if you like QC you will probably like Instant Classic too.

No doubt you've heard about these new mini iPods that Apple unveiled today. My take on them is this: The regular-size iPods are already more than compact enough to comfortably fit in a pocket. If you've got $250 to spend, why not just save up the extra $50 and buy a 15gb iPod that has more than five times the storage capacity of the iPod Mini? My advice is to either get a 15gb, or wait until next Christmas, when I would not be surprised to see the iPod Minis substantially cheaper than they are now.

The other day I got my hands on a copy of The Books' first record, Thought For Food. It's a little darker than The Lemon Of Pink, but I like it just as much. I plan on buying some more music this week, so hopefully I will have a couple more records to yell at you about on Friday.

That's it for now. Time to relax and be happy that I am actually content with the evening's comic for once. See you Friday!

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