Damn and hell, this is my favorite strip I've done so far. It was the most fun I've had drawing since I started this little internet web network comic thing!

First person to deduce what the graphic on Faye's shirt is gets a Master Of The Obvious award. Hehe.

I seem to recall having less-than-positive things to say about The New Romance, the second record by Pretty Girls Make Graves. I revisited it tonight, and have come to the conclusion that it is one of those records that has to grow on you over a period of time. It's not as immediately ingratiating as their first record Good Health- while the crazy guitar playing and frenetic pace are still there, it's not as in-your-face this time around.

The singer thankfully isn't ending EVERY GODDAMN WORD with that irritating-as-fuck drop in pitch that she did so much on Good Health (listen to that record and you'll immediately hear what I am talking about). Her lyrics are still a little on the trying-too-hard side for me, but it's made up for by the music and the overall improvement in her singing voice. Basically it sounds like she's not trying to sing like a dude anymore, a decision which benefits everyone.

If Good Health was the sound of a band discovering that "holy shit dudes, we are really fucking good", The New Romance is that band stretching out a little, trying something new while still holding on to that spark they had early on. I had initially written off The New Romance as a mediocre sophmore slump, but after reassesing things I've decided that it's merely an expansion of their original sound. I still like the first record more, but this isn't a bad album either, not by a long shot.

QC is completely kicking ass this month over on Buzzcomix. I really, really appreciate everyone who takes the time to vote. Keep 'em coming, it's exciting to see just how high we can go!

Finally, I have a special surprise for you. Starting this weekend, I will be going back and re-drawing the early QC strips (up to about #25 or so, eventually) in my new style. The writing and everything will be exactly the same, and I will keep the originals up for view on the site as well, but I really would like to have the beginnings of this comic look as nice as today's strip. My plan is to do one old strip per weekend, but this is not going to be a set-in-stone thing like my regular update schedule. Basically every time I do one I will mention it in Monday's newspost so that people who missed it can go have a look. Hopefully this excites people, I know I am looking forward to being able to read those old strips without being COMPLETELY HORRIFIED by the artwork. Hehe.

That's it for now, I think. Have a nice weekend and I will see you Monday!

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