I think today's strip was inspired by all the sci-fi I've been reading lately, specifically the stuff where people figure out how to extend their lifespans over centuries. I'm talking specifically about Ring by Stephen Baxter, but it's a pretty common motif in a lot of "hard" sci-fi.

For everyone who's been asking me about this whole strip-redrawing thing I mentioned on Friday: fear not! The original strips are not going anywhere. If I do re-draw any of them, it will be mostly for my own amusement anyway, and they will go up in a different section of the site. I never even got around to doing one this weekend anyway, so nobody has any reason to be nervous.

If you, like me, enjoy bizarre humor and goofy sketchy drawings, you will probably really enjoy Monkey Business. It's a very simple strip, but in this case simple means ruthlessly effective at making me giggle. Anyway, Karl (Monkei) Wang has said that he'd like a little more traffic to his site, and I thought "who better to enjoy his comic than the fine readers of my own?" Anyway, check it out, and if you like it, drop him a line and let him know who sent you. It is always good to find new funny things to laugh at.

Questionable Content has secured a comfortable berth at #20 on Buzzcomix. Super-bonus thanks to everyone who votes. It really helps.

I think that is all for now. I am getting back into Soul Calibur 2, that is pretty much what I was doing all day when I was not working on the comic. Time to go kick some more ass with Mitsurugi. See you Wednesday!

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