Holy crap, look! An extra strip!

I was bored tonight and feeling creative, so I decided to draw an extra comic for this week. Hey, why not? Not many webcomic artists break their schedule by doing EXTRA work. There will be Wednesday and Friday comics as per the usual schedule, meaning you get 33% more QC this week!

Speaking of extra work, RStevens put up two bonus Diesel Sweetes comics today in celebration of his birthday. Happy birthday Rich! This may have been what gave me the idea of just whipping out a strip tonight, I am not sure. Either way it means extra entertainment for everyone.

Wigu is still incredibly awesome for linking to QC this week. If you do not already read it, seriously, what is wrong with you? Go read it all in one sitting right now!

Monkey Business continues to be Ell Oh Ell hilarious. "Oh no! My babiiieeees!" Hehehehe.

Did everyone see Sunday's PvP? In addition to being extremely amusing, it was a nice little dig at a certain oversensitive sprite cartoonist. A word of advice, artist-who-is-not-worth-naming: take some deep breaths, count to 10, and pull out whatever it is you've got stuck up your output-hole. It was just a joke, lighten up!

One of the perks of this job is that QC fans will sometimes send me links to their mp3 directories, meaning I get to download lots of music that I could not otherwise afford. Thanks to forumgoer Mooch I was finally able to get my hands on New Rock by the Japanese electronic band Buffalo Daughter. Thanks Mooch!

I think that's it for now. Hope you like the extra comic, and if you're a newcomer to QC I hope you like things here and stick around.

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