Man, Cristi and I were walking through a Nordstrom one day when I saw that very knickers-and-tights outfit on a mannequin. I was so dang amused I just had to include it in the comic. Charles Dickens couture!

So I have been listenin' the heck out of the new Agalloch album, Ashes Against the Grain. It basically sounds like a cross between a post-rock band and a black-metal band; imagine the best metal album Godspeed You Black Emperor! never wrote and you have a good idea of the sound. While the Spooky Death Metal Vocals might turn off some people, it is still a seriously excellent album and definitely worth checking out if you like loud guitars and lots of crescendos in your music.

That's all I got tonight. I am tired out from drawing a guest comic for one of my webcomic buddies (more about that later this week) and a regular QC strip. Time to go play some video games and unwind. See you tomorrow!

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