One of my personality traits that Dora most directly reflects is the tendency to worry obsessively over things that I have been repeatedly assured do not bear worrying about. Whether Dora *should* be worried about her and Marten getting together so soon is another issue entirely, although it would seem that Faye has come to terms with it mostly. Still, it's a thorny issue!

Gah why the hell am I analyzing my own comic, that is way dumb.

So I made that big end-of-year People In Webcomics List thingy over on ComixPedia. While flattered, I must admit that Ryan North is indeed taller than I am. He also does a comic strip that is vastly more dinosaur-centric than QC. These are useful differences to know about if you see both of us at a convention but are not clear on which of us is which!

See you tomorrow.

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