It feels weird to draw your main character's nipples. To me, anyway.

So I checked out that new album by The Field that all the critics have been ravin' about. It's called From Here We Go To Sublime and it really is excellent!
All the samples and simple little chord changes repeating over and over somehow add up to more than the sum of their parts. Imagine if your favorite CD had a scratch in it, but somehow the scratch made the songs sound better.

It's neat to hear a minimal house/IDM/whatever artist approach the music from a melody-as-rhythm perspective, especially since so much modern minimal dance music is more concerned with rhythm-as-melody. I especially dig the little reveals at the end of some of the tracks, where you get to find out where the various tiny little loops and melodies were sampled from. If you enjoy Daft Punk or Air I bet you will really like this- it's that catchy and fun to listen to.

Okay enough music dorkery. Enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow.

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