I keep meaning to print out Questionable Content business cards, but I always forget at the last minute. I blame the twin distractions of video games and booze.

The big news today is that the shirts page has been updated with new merchandise! You should go take a look, people who hate emo and/or love Pintsize will be very happy. I hope you like what you see and will consider spending some of your hard-earned money on high-quality QC merchandise.

Another fun thing I put up on the site is a fan art page! I am always accepting submissions, you can email them to jephco at yahoo dot com or hit me up on IM with a link.

One last thing: QC has its own IRC channel at, channel #qc. It is very weird and entertaining in there. Also we organize lots of iSketch games, which is even more fun when you are playing with me and I have been drinking.

Wigu is doing a guest strip week (or so) now. I am very excited to see who the guest artists will be.

That is all for tonight, I have lots of work to do this evening on projects both secret and not-so-secret. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you Monday!

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