Marten's boss is named Scott, in case you were curious. His lackadaisical attitude towards office dress code is one of the few perks of Marten's job. We'll be seeing a little more of Scott this week, thanks to the powers of continuity.

In case you missed it, I did a guest strip for Wigu over the weekend. Here's a direct link if you don't feel like scrolling back one or two strips. I had tons of fun drawing it. Thanks to JeffR for the opportunity!

My friend Charles V recently started a webcomic of his own. It is called Lead and Wax and is a delight to read and look at. You should check it out, Charles is a hecka nice guy as well. Incidentally, if any of my readers do PHP-type stuff, he'd probably be really happy to have a database and updating interface so that he doesn't have to hand-code every new strip into the site. I used to do that back in the early days of QC (can you believe it's been more than six months since I started this? OMGWTF) and it is not much fun. So yeah, if you want to help a guy out as he gets his feet of the ground (lead and wax wings nonwithstanding), drop him a line.

People really seem to like the new shirts I put up for sale! Just think, if you order a shirt not only are you obtaining a kick-ass piece of quality apparel, you are making a grown man's eyes mist up a little with gratitude. Also, depending on which shirt you order you might be making fun of emo. Everyone likes that! Well, except the emo kids I guess. But they're already miserable.

The account activation script for the forums has been acting up lately, so if you registered but never got an account activation email, please drop me a line (jephco at yahoo dot com) and let me know. I will activate your account manually, because I am nice like that.

So apparently Buzzcomix reset itself a little early this month. Okay, two weeks early. They are dumb. Still, being in the top 10 for this long has been completely awesome. Thanks as always to everyone who votes, you are wonderful people for choosing to spread the word about QC.

That's all for now, I have some more Unreal Tournament 2004 to play before Adult Swim comes on. Have as nice a Monday as possible (be sure to file those TPS reports) and I will see you later on in the week!

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