It's always fun when the Penny Arcade folks link us in a newspost. If there IS a webcomics battle royale at Sakura-Con, that bastard Sam Logan will be the first to drop, I assure you.

So my buddy Matt LeMay of the excellent indie-rawk band Get Him Eat Him was kind enough to mail me a preview copy of their upcoming album Arms Down! It is supremely excellent. Matt asked if I would be kind enough to tell y'all about this neat promotional thing they are doing, and I happily agreed. He describes it better than I could, so here goes:

"Each of our three demo/tour EPs will be available for one week each as a free, high-quality MP3 download at Most of the songs on these EPs appear re-recorded on the album, and as a total recording/production geek, I thought this would be a fun way to get some of the songs out there and clue people in to the process."

So yeah! Go over to and download them EPs! It's all good stuff.

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