There's something to be said for Angus' persistence. It probably isn't a GOOD thing to say though.

Sakura-Con is this weekend! This will be our first convention up in the ol' Northwest and I am really looking forward to it. I hope to see a bunch of you there!

We are mailing out literally hundreds and hundreds of shirts this week. All of the Evolution pre-orders should be in the mail by the time we leave for Seattle on Tuesday. Thanks for your patience!

Speaking of shirts, I could use some fancy action shotz of the new designs! If you have a Deathmole, Library Science, Math Is Delicious, ZAP, or Evolution shirt and you send me a picture, I might put it up on the merch page when I get the chance. Thanks to anyone who submits a photo!

Confidential to Bucketwarlus: Dora's bucket is not your bucket. Questionable Content sends its condolences and hopes for your bucket's safe and speedy return.

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