Eventually my plan is to have comics whose titles reference every well-known classic rock song in existence. Except for "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I fucking hate that song.

Some good news about Tip shirts- the deadline has come and gone, and they are officially paid for and being printed. I should have the latest batch in my hands between March 10th-13th and they will go out to their lucky owners shortly thereafter. Thanks so much to everyone who ordered a shirt!

The Anti-Emo and Pintsize shirts are selling steadily, which is good. I expect to send the Anti-Emo shirts to the printer sometime in the next two weeks, and the Pintsize shirts hopefully around the same time. I'll have more info as things progress. I hope you all don't mind being patient for a little while. I am pretty poor, I wish I could afford to get things pre-printed but it is sadly too expensive for me to do things that way.

Even though I am an avid web surfer (yay 1995 terminology!) I don't read many weblogs regularly. There are a couple, though, that I simply cannot get enough of. The first is DogBlog by my friend Jon. I think I've linked it once before but it seriously just gets funnier and funnier. I am of the opinion that Jon should just walk around San Fransisco all day, taking pictures of dogs for his website.

Another blog that I have really enjoyed reading is by my friend Luallen, called Lou Sucks. If you like incredibly dense rants about everything from the recent gay marriage debate to how much working at a movie theater sucks, Lu is your man.

Anyway, hopefully those two sites will keep you entertained at work on Friday. It is my belief that the Internet is the main reason there are not more office shootings- why murder your coworkers when you can surreptitiously giggle at Homestar Runner? Humor soothes the savage cubicle monkey.

Anyway that is all for now. Have a pleasant weekend, and I will see you on Monday. Remember to vote for QC, we have a pretty comfortable hold on #5 until the end of the month, which is completely awesome. It's almost as if you people actually enjoy the comic or something! Woo!

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