For the longest time I was trying to work in a joke about quatrains, but it just wasn't working out. Sorry to any poetry buffs in my audience.

I have one main thing that I want to talk about tonight: the upcoming Modest Mouse album, Good News For People Who Love Bad News. I got my paws on a leaked version of it, and based on my repeated listening I predict that this will be one of the best records to come out this year. It's easily as good if not better than the brilliant Moon & Antarctica.

The first three tracks are simply unstoppable- if they were released as an EP it would garner perfect scores across the board in every magazine and on every website that reviewed it. From there it's just a barrage of great songs ranging from the bizarre hillbilly shanty of "The Devil's Work Day" to the intimate, almost Wilco-esque "Blame it on the Tetons" to the anthemic choruses of "Float On" and "I Got It All(Most)".

All in all I'd say that if you don't already have a copy of it on mp3, you should start salivating in advance of its release on April 6th.

Monday marks a new month, which means the votes over on Buzzcomix will reset. Again, if we hit the top 10 in March I'll do a bonus comic at some point during the month. I like springing surprise comics on y'all and I figure that is as good an excuse as any (hehe).

I am itching to get the Anti-Emo and Pintsize shirts printed. If I can just get like five or six more orders of each I can send them off to the printer.

I'd like to take this moment to extend my most sincere gratitude to everyone who reads this comic. We get almost 100,000 unique hits this month, more than doubling the traffic we recieved in January. I honestly had no idea the comic would ever get this popular, and from what I can tell it is just getting bigger and bigger (knock on wood). As I've said before, this is the most fulfilling creative project I have ever worked on, and the fact that several thousand other people are actively following, participating, and helping out with it is absolutely mind-boggling. Here's to you, readers- let's see what heights QC can reach in March!

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