I am horrifically ill with some sort of devil-infection and yet I have still managed to produce a comic for your amusement. If that does not make me HARD CORE then there is no hope for me whatsoever.

I realize that those of you who have never taken an art history course may be completely baffled by today's strip. Well, TOUGH. I am sick, and a massive dose of Aleve Cold & Sinus (the crack cocaine of anti-cold remedies) has left me a little loopy.

Incidentally, here are some examples of the artists Steve et al are talking about in the comic. Pablo Picasso's Guernica is widely regarded as his most intense, groundbreaking work. It is a depiction of the Nazi bombing of the Spanish town of Guernica as a sort of prelude to WWII. Claude Monet was one of the fathers of Impressionist painting, and his artwork reflects an utter mastery of light and color combined with a genius' eye for composition. Andy Warhol was one of the pioneers of the Pop Art movement, and often incorporated common commercial items and repetition in his art. They're all fascinating artists, and definitely worth learning more about.

Can you tell that I took several years' worth of art history and critical theory courses in high school? Heh. I hereby dedicate today's comic to my high school art teacher Ms. Perry, without whom I would be much less able to appreciate a good painting today.

I now have enough pre-orders of the Anti-Emo and Pintsize t-shirts that I can send them to the printer. I am setting a deadline of NEXT FRIDAY (March 12) for people to get orders in before I get the first batch printed. If you don't place an order by around 3pm on the 12th, it will probably be a LONG TIME before you get your shirt. Thanks muchly to everyone who has ordered so far, I hope you are as excited to get yours as I am.

That is all for tonight. I have tomorrow off at work so I can hopefully fight off this cold/flu/whatever. Expect a comic as usual on Friday. HARD CORE!

See you then!

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