For those of you unfamiliar with Randy's work over at Something Positive and/or those offended by today's comic, I have a tidbit: I thought it ws completely hilarious. I love it when people play rough with my characters!

Anyway, S*P is an excellent comic all around, and I highly recommend it. Especially if you liked today's guest strip. Oh man I am giggling even now. Randy has encouraged any offended readers to send hatemail to rkm0001 at gmail dot com. I can only hope he will share the cream of the crop with me.

So Comic Con was fuckin' awesome. We sold almost every single thing we brought with us, and we got to hang out with tons of rad people the whole time. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by the booth! I am humbled by and eternally grateful for your presence.

See you tomorrow for more guest strip action!

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