What do you get when you work two ten-hour days in a row at your day job and then try to draw a comic? Something like today's strip, apparently. I apologize if it appears to be subpar in some way, more than likely it is due to the fact that I am so exhausted I barely had the energy to spellcheck, let alone judge the quality of the art and/or humor.

On days like today I entertain the notion of building up a backlog of strips for use on days when I really should be sleeping instead of drawing, but then I remember that I hate working more than half a day in advance and am only creative under tight deadlines. While I'm sure this work habit will eventually catch up with me and result in a late or missed strip someday, I refuse to let it happen this week. If I can get to 100 strips without a single missed update I will be pretty proud.

I am not sure if I will do something special for #100 or not. Depends where we are in terms of the continuity by then, I suppose. We shall see.

Another reminder: You have until this Friday, March 12, to order an Anti-Emo or Pintsize t-shirt before I send them off to the printer. I am getting lots of orders this week, which is very exciting! Thanks so much to everyone who supports me and this site by purchasing merchandise. It is incredibly helpful.

That's it for tonight. I need some time to unwind my brain before another long day. See you Friday!

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