Basically you can make any band that traditionally writes depressing songs sound much funnier if you replace their subject matter with pancakes. Particularly Xiu Xiu- "I Luv The Pancakes OH!" Hee hee hee. Maybe Godspeed You! Black Pancake? Explosions in the Pancake? The Silver Mount Pancake Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band? Okay perhaps I am taking the joke a little too far now.

One of the risks with comics like today's is that people who do not know any of the bands Marten and Faye are talking about may be left out in the cold, humor-wise. If you are one of those people, imagine Marten serenading Faye with a moody ballad about pancakes. If THAT doesn't get you giggling then you clearly do not realize that the point of Fridays is to be in a good mood and laugh at things because it is almost the weekend.

You have until 11:59 EST tonight (March 12) to order a Pintsize or Anti-Emo shirt if you want to make the first printing. PayPal is pretty much your only option at this point unless I have already discussed postal payment with you (you people know who you are). I had more than twice as many people order shirts as I was expecting, which is super awesome. Thanks to everyone who ordered a shirt! QC is actually beginning to make me a little extra money thanks to your support, and it completely astounds me. I can only hope that quality merchandise and silly hipster comics are enough of a repayment for your hard-earned dollars and pounds.

I will have the second printing of Tip shirts in my hands tomorrow afternoon. I expect to mail them out on Monday, so 90% of the people who have ordered but not yet recieved a Tip shirt should have one in their hands by the end of next week.

Have you heard the new TV on the Radio album Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes yet? I am not much of an R&B fan but their particular blend of indie rock guitars, grimy beats, and gorgeous vocals definitely pleases my ears. I guess I would call them indie-R&B if that fictional genre means anything to you. Anyway the new record isn't as solid all the way through as their debut EP (Young Liars) but it still has a number of very enjoyable songs on it. It's worth a listen if you enjoyed the EP, or if you're just looking for a different flavor of indie music to grace your palate.

That's all for tonight. Have a pleasant weekend and I will see you on Monday!

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