Poor Marten. A lesser man would have completely lost his marbles by now.

The most recent printing of Tip shirts has been packed and addressed, and will go out in the mail sometime early this week. I plan to send the Anti-Emo and Pintsize shirts to the printer this week as well, so hopefully the turnaround on those will be speedy. A metric fuckton of you ordered shirts, which completely amazes me. Thanks so much guys and gals!

Some good news about Instant Classic- Brian was able to secure new hosting, meaning IC should be up and running normally for the forseeable future. I know I was missing my thrice-weekly dose, so this is certainly a positive development. For those of you who haven't heard of Instant Classic before, you should go check it out. Excellent, low-key humor and a unique art style make for one solid webcomic. Brian was one of the first webcomic artists out there to take notice of QC, so when I eventually take over the world he is guaranteed a slot on my High Council of Doom and Cookies. We'll be more about the cookies than the doom, but you get the idea.

Not much else to report tonight. Have as pleasant a Monday as possible and I will see you later on this week!

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